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Home on the Range

September 20, 2016 Comments Off on Home on the Range

Home on the Range

What does it take to be a true Wyoming woman?  A sense of adventure, for sure.  You never know what you will find wandering along rural roads and amongst the good-hearted, hardy people who inhabit our state.  It also takes an appreciation for nature’s beauty.  A state with around half a million residents isn’t teeming with shopping malls and concert halls.  We have to be able to make our own fun exploring the vast wilderness that makes up our state.  And one must be versatile, being able to make do with what you can build, make, or find on the internet.  It is not a state for the faint hearted.  Our weather can be unkind, winters can be isolating, and the people can be rugged and strong willed.  But for those who can handle it, the rewards are tenfold.  Good neighbors, beautiful views, plentiful wildlife, and a laid back lifestyle are all we need to be able to appreciate living in a state that most of the rest of the world doesn’t understand.  In fact, if our secret gets out, everyone will want to live here.

October 20, 2016



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