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After a summer full of travelling and adventuring, it is starting to get quite a bit cooler already. Although in these parts we expect the cool weather early in fall, somehow because it is still autumn weather in other parts of the world I feel like it’s cooling down way too early here every single year.  That being said, it is time to take advantage of the things that fall brings.  Like pumpkin spice latte.  Although I am an avid fan of Starbucks PSL, I did find a wonderful home recipe at morningfresh.com that made me pretty darn happy.  The water in the rivers is low and cool, and having warm temps in the Snake River this year put a bit of a damper on my fishing.  So hopefully the cooler water will help.

I didn’t have to worry about covering the garden this year, as the deer ate everything I was growing except the rhubarb, of course. At least I can make rhubarb pie this winter.  Next year they will definitely be surprised.  I don’t know how.  But I’ll come up with some kind of amazing deer repelling plan.  Note to self: if you buy deer repellant, don’t let it tip over in the back of your suburban, it will smell bad for weeks.

So what else am I looking forward to with the changing of seasons? More fall fishing, enjoying the slowdown of traffic on the rivers.  Learning more about fly fishing in winter because I am definitely not a fan of ice fishing as it involves staying still in ridiculously cold weather.  Quilting on the days that it’s too cold to be out.  Holiday baking.  Holiday eating.  Planning summer vacations.  Hot chocolate.  Finding a great (read: cute) stand up paddle board at a close –out price.  More holiday eating.  Travelling to warm climates, like Vegas and Cabo.  Catching up on my genealogy work.  Maybe.  So here’s to looking forward to cooler days and longer nights.


September 20, 2016



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