White Mountain Woman

Why live debt free? We live in a society that makes it easy to have just about anything we want through the use of credit.  We also live in a time of instant gratification.  We can have what we want now, if we only sign on the dotted line.  Worry about the payments later.  So why should we avoid doing this, if we can drive the cool car, have the bigger house, or wear the nice clothing NOW?

Because what seems like a great idea in the moment can come back and haunt us later. Emotional financial decisions almost always come back to bite us in a big way.  There is also a lack of satisfaction with something that we don’t have to work for.  If we have to wait and work for something, it seems to be a bigger deal when we finally get it.  And by the time we have saved for something, we are pretty sure we still want it, while impulse buys often lead to buyer’s remorse.

The bigger part of this though is what debt does to our lives and our marriages. The American Bar Association has stated that almost 89% of divorces can be attributed to financial problems.  The weight of debt on a marriage can’t be underestimated.  Add to this the fact that many of your choices are taken away from you if you owe money.  Are you stuck in a dead end job because you have payments to make?  Are you paying for your vacation long after you’ve returned home?  Can you not sell your home because its value has dropped and you owe more than you can sell it for?

Do you want to break this cycle? I would like to walk you through the steps we went through to become debt free.  And the freedom that came into our lives when we owed no one and owned our home.  We were able to fully fund our retirement.  We were able to fund our children’s education (within reason, we’ll talk about that subject later).  We are able to travel where we want, when we want, and pay cash.  We don’t fight about money.  And we don’t sweat it if there is a downturn in employment, because all we have to do is pay utilities and property taxes.  My family will always have a home to live in.  And I have had the freedom to work from home as I please.  And we are able to go on adventures without worrying about how to pay for them.  So are you ready to join me on the road to becoming debt free?

October 20, 2016



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