White Mountain Woman

me and b

Hi! My name is Robin, and these are my stories.  After spending the last 27 years raising 4 children, I have embarked on a quest to discover myself.  Not to find myself in the sense that I did in college.  But to see who I have become.  As a mom this is difficult because we are in the trenches daily, feeding, taxiing, teaching, loving, nurturing.  Some days it is all we can do to make sure everyone in our family has survived another day.  But where do we go after our children start to move on and begin their own lives?  Who have we become over all these years of family being our first priority?  Have we grown, developed, changed?

My goal is to take on the next phase of my life with excitement. I don’t want to sit at home and miss my children.  I want to make each day an adventure.  I want to have fun every day. I want to travel, experience new things, meet new people, learn new skills.  I want to spend as much time as possible outdoors.  I want to hike, camp, ride my bike.  And I want to catch a lot of fish.

I have worn a lot of hats. I am a mother and grandmother.  I run trails and half marathons.  I fly fish.  I quilt.  I am an Accountant and MBA.  I am passionate about three things: learning new things, fishing, and debt free living.  I think that we should never stop learning.  And my path to adventure is possible because we have committed as a family to live without debt, allowing us to focus on new experiences.  I will share all three of these things with you.  This new phase of my life is going to be an exciting journey, come along with me!